Kooky creator of critters with character!...try saying that three times fast!!

I am an artist/illustrator and have been drawing since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and though I’ve dabbled with many different subjects over the years I love drawing wildlife the most. After completing an art & design foundation course, I went on to work for several years in the traditional 2D animation industry on various film and tv commercials. It was during this time that I gained an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience, which has certainly helped and very much influenced the work I’m producing now.

I later went on to study Children’s Book Illustration at Chelsea College of Art and Design, something i’d wanted to do for a long time, and since then I have focused on my favorite subjects – wildlife & the natural world, both in illustration and more recently photography – Luckly I’m able to combine all my interests in such an enjoyable and creative way!

I use various different kinds of media for my artwork, including pencil, acrylic, pen & ink and watercolour, as well as photography.  I try to use my own reference material where possible.  As it’s also something that I really enjoy, some of the best photo’s will be used as prints and on gift products. Recently I’ve got a bit more into digital illustration which is quite cartoony. This type of work really suits the products I have available on my Print On Demand gifts shops, such as Zazzle and Cafepress, so hopefully I’ll be doing a lot more of it…plus I have so much fun drawing these quirky characters.